Princess Tails.

don’t roll your eyes, rewind.

So, I had my two sacs today. Pretty sure I failed both.

I had Theatre in the morning and I sure do regret not writing it all out last night instead of myspacing. I didn’t get all of Criteria 4 done. And it was worth 5 marks :S

After that I went home and watched Short Stack’s new Sway Sway Baby vid (not as good as the first) and Escape The Fate’s new vid – 10 Miles Wide. Both were pretty entertaining. Then I walked back to school and studied in the overly warm Psych room for my Texts SAC until 1:30 when I went looking for the year 10’s to tell them Eddie’s friend sold the TGP tickets. Couldn’t find them so I just went to wait for the chem girls to come out.

I am sure glad I don’t do chem. The girls looked like they were about to murder someone when they came out of the exam. It was scary.

We went to maccas for lunch (I was starving) for Mandy’s birthday and that calmed everyone down quite a bit. Then I went back to school after that with Julienne and studied some more for Texts. It was horrible but I’m sure glad I studied at least a bit.

GAT tomorrow. I seriously can’t be bothered spending 3 hours in Centenary Hall at a tiny desk. Talk about waste of my life. And then I have the second part of my Texts SAC tomorrow. Ugh.

Listening to my ipod at the moment. Down & Out by Amber Calling playing now. I love their stuff. However, right now I feel like listening to We The Kings and Capulet. Oh yay, Secret Valentine. We’ll write a song that turns out the lights.

I loled when I found out this was just about sex. Trust.

Well, I ended up posting an essay on the Street Team blog yesterday. Already got some really awesome responses 🙂

I can’t wait until I start organising this charity gig. Teenage depression is something I feel really strong about and I’d love to do something to raise awareness. Hopefully Beyond Blue will agree, and to have TWLOHA on board would be sooo awesome I’m pretty sure I’d jump if they agreed.

Anyway, dinners ready.

Just pretending just pretending who I am.

Sarah xx


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